Asian American & Pacific Islander (AA & PI) Thriving Initiatives

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Join us in shaping a more inclusive future for our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities at UC Berkeley by attending community convenings, contributing to documenting AA & PI community presence on our campus, and supporting the academic and co-curricular needs of our students through mentorship, time, and financial support.

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On April 7th, 2023, UC Berkeley was designated by the US Department of Education as an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution * (AANAPISI).

This historic designation reflects our institutional commitment to deepening our capacity to serve AA & PI student communities as part of our broader commitment to serving all students on our campus.  

Our federal designation as an AANAPISI institution insists on our collective reimagining and realization of academic, co- curricular, and research opportunities for our AA & PI undergraduate and graduate students in our collective pursuit of greater educational access and equity at Berkeley.  This means that we must strive to become an AA & PI Thriving institution – i.e. an institution that is committed to processes of cultural and structural transformations in service to the needs of not only our AA & PI undergraduate and graduate student communities, but also our AA & PI staff, faculty, and alumni as well. 

AA & PI Thriving Photo Highlights

Group of graduates with their regalia and flowers

May 19th, 2019 SEA Grad (Southeast Asian Graduation), Pauley Ballroom

A group of 5 people at a high top table

AAPISC Launch Event: "Twenty Years Later" Report, November 3, 2021, Tilden Room

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April 23, 2016: Norman Mineta, Dr. Ling-chi Wang, and David Mineta at the launch of the Helen Mineta Undergraduate Endowment event at the the Alumni House.

[Event Recap] Building Your Home: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at Cal

[Event Recap] Building Your Home: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at Cal