Native American Thriving Initiatives (NATI)

Background image: Campanile at twilight against the backdrop of the Bay Area skyline


Phenocia Bauerle
Director of Native American Thriving

Built on decades of significant advocacy and efforts of faculty, staff, students, alumni and tribal entities to enact positive change for Native people at UC Berkeley, the Native American Thriving Initiative exists to create institutional change that supports Native people and visibilizes issues impacting Native American communities.

The initiative encapsulates four aspects, and seven focus areas. Each focus area contains a set of specific recommendations. The four aspects of the Initiative are as follows: 

  • Knowing (acknowledge, assess)
  • Relating (redress, trust)
  • Acting (build, sustain)
  • Visioning (improve, imagine)

In addition to the four aspects, there are seven areas of focus: 

  1. Acknowledge

  2. Redress

  3. Build

  4. Sustain

  5. Assess

  6. Improve

  7. Imagine